Talent Director & Founder

Sinan Sahin (Sin)

Who are we?

Sintillate Talent is a Multi-Award Winning International Influencer Agency, with 300+ talent and 200+ brand partners in our network from 13 countries on 5 continents worldwide. We follow three values; We Develop Talent, We Grow Business, We Connect Teams. 

Our purpose is to support the micro-influencer develop and compete in an ever growing market, and provide them opportunities with small to medium sized business to allow their growth. Through our philosophy of ‘Collaboration, not Isolation’, we believe in connecting talent with likeminded talent, to provide support in an often isolating industry, whilst providing inhouse wellbeing support to allow influencers to effectively perform their roles. Through our awareness campaign, we encourage Influencers to share their experiences online to drive awareness on key factors in society to make a positive change. 

What is the background of Sintillate Talent and it's Founder?

Sinan’s career includes over a decade of working within casting, recruiting, motivational speaking, PR, marketing and psychology. Through Sinan’s academic study and clinical background, he focused his research on how media can effect human behaviour, and ultimately influence people in different ways. 

In 2019, Sinan brought all aspects of his background together and Sintillate Talent was born. An Influencer Agency to support and motivate people to grow their skills, support and consult businesses in their marketing strategy, and to encourage positive change in society through influence.

Sinan Sahin, Talent Director